• Shamanism and philosophy for the healing of humanity and the earth

    Shamanism and philosophy for the healing of humanity and the earth


    Entrevue en direct à CTVM TV now mercredi 18 janvier

    à 14h30 (Canada) et 20h30 (France et Belgique)

    Comment se libérer des obstacles et guérir la nature ?


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    legende du papillon amérindien butterfly legend native american

    How the butterflies learnt to fly—a Native American Legend.

    When the Earth was young, no butterflies flew here and there in the air, illuminating the daytime and summer with their wings that wore the colours of the rainbow. There were reptiles, who were the ancestors of the butterflies, but they did not know how to fly; they knew only how to crawl on the ground. These reptiles were magnificent, but mostly the humans, when they moved, did not lower their eyes towards the earth, so they did not see their beauty.

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    HBOU-A-LUNETTES-copie-2We are confronted with 2 important obstacles in our development today, obstacles that we did not have to manage originally in our relationship with the world. 1st the influence of the system on the world which limits our possibilities of having access to ecological communities and family domains within nature; 2nd the conditioning and programming of our education and the personality which we have developed in contact with this system which manages us since birth (and even before birth).

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    aigle-pipe-mongolieI find important at this beginning of the year 2017 when my life is quietly transforming to become more effective on our path to healing the planet, to identify the reasons for this blog. Indeed, I have several Web sites: that of INVOCATION  the shamanic perfumes that I created, THE BLUE EAGLE SHOP that sells all sorts of products which relate to my shamanic work amongst which my books and CDs, <SAVOIRANCESTRAL.COM> (in french only) an educational site where my students and those who cannot come to the workshops can follow an on-line training, a YouTube channel  for my music and another one for different teachings and, finally, this blog. Thus, why the blog?

    The spiritual practice of initiatory shamanism contains a very important advantage: it extends life expectancy. So I’m over sixty now, still full of energy, and with a career where I saw, sang and taught for more than 35 years in 10 countries to thousands of people. My relation with life being very sincere, I always say what I think, so I’ve been either appreciated or hated! :-) Always the truth, it’s my constant. Some of you became friends, but so numerous! With my hermit and introspective character I communicate very little when not teaching, and I am of a solitary nature. I need a lot of time to think and meditate and superficial conversations annoy and disturb me. And yet so many people want to hear from me…

    So, I told myself that I would communicate with all in the same way, by a blog. So, this blog is rather different, because I also deliver my moods, sometimes my everyday life, my morning thoughts and it’s my way of maintaining this important connection we have through sharing First Nation’s ancestral wisdom and the music that comes from spirit.

    In my mind we need unity today. The earth is in danger and humanity is regressing on all levels while technology is enslaving us a bit more every day. We all share the earth as the source of life, thus the earth mother make us all brothers and sisters of heart. The spirit told me a long time ago that my life belonged to the earth and to humanity. Thus this blog is also my gift, my offering to you all. I refuse advertisements, I pay to maintain it as I’m not a computer person. It is my way of saying to you all, Thank you! You welcomed me, gave me a place to stay and rest, listened to my teachings and music, helped me, supported me, defended me against my detractors and slanderers, read my books, reflected about the future of the earth and about the errors of Humanity, thank you, thank you, thank you!

    The beginning took a while. This blog started on November 2008 and at the beginning I didn’t write much. But bit by bit I felt a connection, I felt you react and think about what I wrote. You became present in my morning walks, I thought of you and I prepared thoughts for you, because I felt your needs and once written, your gratitude. There are few comments on the blog compared to the number of people who visit, but it’s not because you are not gratefull! I feel it. So, for me this blog is a living link with the world, a window from where, in my beloved solitude, I can look and receive from the world, breaking the isolation which could limit the sharing of wisdom.

    Whole books were written on the blog. THE CIRCLE OF ALL OUR RELATIONS, Manuel for a New Earth, originated after my return from Mexico at the invitation of the Mayas to celebrate the new era on December 21, 2012. Upon my return every morning poured in my spirit a lot of information about the new era which I captured daily for you on the blog. As the days went by I noticed that I had the substance for a book and it was published by the Editions du Dauphin Blanc (not yet available in English)[1].

    So, I celebrate this morning of the New Year 2017 with a toast of green juice:-) to the happiness of our virtual relationship. May it continue in the years to come to feed our efforts in transforming our way of life, to heal us, the earth-mother and her beautiful nature.

    Peace, Joy and Light

    Blue Eagle

    [1] I’ve got 2 other books already translated but no English publisher. I’m currently working on my 7th and 8th book in French. They already have French publishers as my books sell well.

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    Disasters and armed conflicts, destabilization of climates and winds, human and ecological disasters continue to proliferate on the planet. All this to the satisfaction of the system which takes advantage of the situation to restrict our liberties more and more and increase the programing and conditioning which prevent us from seeing reality. This beast, the system, prevents us from making the decisions which would allow us to transform our way of life to attune it with the eternal and unchanging values of the earth and creation. It is the state of the situation on this New Year’s Day 2017.

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Nature can be compared to a wise teacher giving pristine instructions on truth and reality.
The Native American heritage of wisdom can enable our ability to understand who we are, where we come from and where we are going.
The critical situation of today’s world afflicted with wars, injustice, pollution and ill health requires new approaches, more universal and more in line with the laws of Nature and Life. For the purpose of exploring how we can solve today’s problems I have created this blog.
Peace, Joy and Love
Blue Eagle

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