• Shamanism and philosophy for the healing of humanity and the earth

    Shamanism and philosophy for the healing of humanity and the earth



    Understanding the nature of this world with our thoughts, having an understanding of all that is, Man and the Universe and the exact nature of truth and reality and wanting to explain it so other Men can understand it, this is for me the definition of philosophy.

    We thus need to determine the context of what we are trying to explain because the philosophy of nature, and any philosophy in fact, is trying to determine a precise context, that of reality. To describe reality is more complicated than it may seem, as the mental, conceptual and linguistic thoughts of Men conditioned since his birth by his country, his parents, his relatives, his education and his work place, can largely influence his perceptions and the way he expresses them.

    If we really wish to understand and describe the nature of reality and where and how Man is in relationship with this incredible intelligence which underlies atoms and galaxies, in a way that all Men can understand, we need as much as possible to establish a context which is beyond any regional, national, cultural, religious or political consideration. The premises to writing the Discourse on the Method of Rightly Conducting One’s Reason and of Seeking Truth in the Sciences of René Descartes that was to accept from the onset all the laws and the conventions governing the social context where he lived to elaborate this method, created a vision of logic and life that has been invalidated by the most recent discoveries in quantum physics. We would suggest a more universal approach.

    We are living in a crucial and potentially catastrophic time period which threatens not only humanity but the very existence of this planet. There is enough nuclear armament on earth to destroy it numerous times. The violence of the religious fanatical extremism shown by the Christian churches in the Middle Age with the Inquisition and the current Islamic violent radicalism, the ceaseless wars in the name of patriotism, financial gain, territory, the supremacy of one nation, race or religion over another, all these devious ways that do not recognize the universality of all Men, creates suffering and destruction. Where there is a basic understanding of the essentially creative nature of human consciousness the futility of destruction and any form of imposed suffering is evident. We thus need a philosophy which is universal, and able to envision the end of wars and useless suffering. Albeit the limitations of language I will seek to establish this philosophy in a context which transcends regional, national, cultural, religious and political differences. Thus I hope all Men can understand and think about it.


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  • Man and the Divine

    The relationship of Man with the Divine
    is not the result of
    imposed teachings
    but the direct experience
    of the Great Mystery
    at special sacred places.
    Nothing can compare with the living moment,
    of communion with God, in the natural world.


    Blue Eagle – Adapted from – Aigle Bleu, L’héritage spirituel des Amérindiens, Editions de Mortagne.

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    It is imperative that we stop destroying our environment, that we stop all wars, that we create a world where there is justice for all and bring an end to all corruption. The only way of doing this is that all Men have the same vision and definition of what is truth. If enough Men have the same vision of the world and the place of Man in this world, these changes will be possible. All governments, wars, injustices and ways of life that degrade the environment come from the thoughts of Man. It is the thoughts of Men that have created these conditions. The thoughts of Man can also create a way of life which respects the environment, which creates peace, which teaches justice and the equality for all Men.

    That is why nature can be a model for our reflections on truth. Nature is the same for all Men. We all live on planet earth. The realities of this world are the same for all Men. Thus, the keys to the same vision and definition of truth are in the world around us. What is necessary to rid us of the illusions that create war, corruption, injustice and a way of life that destroys the environment is for Men to find this truth within. It is not because a very brilliant or intelligent Man says something true that others will listen to him or believe him. We see this non-stop in our modern civilization. The truth is often ignored even if people are there to insist that the authorities respect that truth. That’s because it’s the motivations of Men that influence their decisions and not the truth.

    That is why only a true shared perception on who we are as Men on this planet can eventually bring peace, protection of the environment and justice. We do not really understand who we are, what we are and why we are on earth. If we did, we would not be inflicting so much suffering and destruction on ourselves, others and nature. Modern governments may be full of good intentions but in reality it’s the money that decides and it’s the economy that is always influencing their decisions. We all know that in this system there are very rich people and very poor people and that the frenzied development of industry is polluting the earth at a horrifying speed. Disparities, wars, pollution, are not the mark of an intelligent humanity. Nevertheless we are intelligent! Why then are we in this situation?

    Thus, we need to think profoundly about these essential questions. We shall find in the philosophy of nature basic definitions which can help us towards these thought processes. It’s not the book or this philosophy which will make the difference but the truth every Man will find in himself and will see in the world around him that will bring about the changes in society and our way of life that are so important if we want to preserve our planet and live in peace and happiness.

    All men wish happiness for themselves and their families. Most Men today are not really happy or much less than they could be if they really had time to enjoy life. Real joy and true happiness have been replaced by materialism, work, stress, pleasure, glory, fame, success or hope to attain celebrity and success, faith and disease. Never have Men been so weak and sick in their bodies as in modern times. Nevertheless the message that the media and doctors give us asserts the opposite. But in reality if we look a bit into the past we will find that there were no hospitals because they were not necessary, no doctors because all communities knew how to maintain health, little disease, no cancer, no obesity, no baldness, great strength and physical stamina and a very long life often 125 years and more. Formerly in aboriginal nations where wisdom was a part of life, people left this world healthy with all their lucidity, the transition being a choice. All these facts of our history have been hidden by the current system, because this system feeds on our sweat and blood and needs our ignorance to continue. But the reality for those who know the true history of humanity is quite different from the one taught in schools today.

    This book does not want to return to the past but rather initiate a cogitation that would incorporate current technological tools in a new world that will bring together the best of both worlds simultaneously.

    This essential work for our future and that of the children of our children begins in our thoughts. It is necessary to educate our brains to determine what is true. Not because some authority said it is true but because we know its true. We should no longer rely on belief and faith but on knowledge and wisdom.

    A new era is going to appear on earth so that we may find health, joy and happiness. All the answers are in nature that surrounds us, this infinite intelligence of creation.

    For this reason I have started writing this educational and training tool which I call the Philosophy of Nature. I am slowly going to give you excerpts from this book here in this blog as I consider that there is urgency for the future of our planet.

    Thank you for reading me. It’s only altogether that we can create this new world. This paradise is everywhere around us but we have deserted it to live in this huge technocratic system that is eating away at the very core of what maintains life on our planet at an ever-increasing speed. It is easy and very pleasant to come back to paradise and this will happen one thought after another in our inner core before manifesting all around us.

    Welcome to the Philosophy of Nature!

    Blue Eagle

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    I have just arrived from the celebrations of the spring equinox. Memorable moments as usual, which finally activated the spring season in Quebec. Celebrating the changes of season as we were instructed by the ancestors of this land harmonizes our relationship with the elements and the weather. Only a few participants, we were but a dozen, but its often in small groups that the most powerful healings occur.

    Coming back to my computer two comments on my recent article make me feel thankful. Not so much the words but the intention behind the words that felt good. I gradually want to withdraw from active life to dedicate myself to philosophy and to video productions which can reach more and more people.

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  • The mole – totem animal

    The mole is a fairly blind animal, and has a very long nose, so it can feel around and sense things.

    MoleIt is comfortable beneath the earth, which gives it a lot of symbolism around being at one with the earth and with feeling, an ability that is very important to all First Nations. For instance, I remember Sun Bear telling me that when he was young, he would practice “feeling” with his brother, as a very precise method of perception.  They would take turns holding up a log, with one hand above the head, while the other one would shoot the log with a twenty-two rifle, blind-folded, just by feeling where the log was. Since the brother was beneath that and was holding the log it had to be precise.

    Feeling is a very precise mode of perception that most people don’t use to their fullest, but the mole really exemplifies this, because he hardly sees anything, yet he finds his way around very comfortably. He can find the food he needs, and borrows into the earth, where it is really comfortable and warm, and gets along really fine even if he can hardly see anything.

    So, there are other ways and means of perception, and this is the main message of the mole.

    Excerpt from my book The Totem Animals in french.

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Nature can be compared to a wise teacher giving pristine instructions on truth and reality.
The Native American heritage of wisdom can enable our ability to understand who we are, where we come from and where we are going.
The critical situation of today’s world afflicted with wars, injustice, pollution and ill health requires new approaches, more universal and more in line with the laws of Nature and Life. For the purpose of exploring how we can solve today’s problems I have created this blog.
Peace, Joy and Love
Blue Eagle

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